Oliver & Nubia: Did you see that!


Oliver: Nubsey!!! Did you see that!!!

Nubia: Stop calling me silly names… and what? o.O

Oliver & Nubia at the window

Oliver: There is a fluffy animal in tree!

Nubia: You mean a Squirrel?

Oliver: Yes!!!

Oliver: Will you catch it for me?

Nubia: No.

Oliver: :”(

Oliver & Nubia at the window

Oliver: But but why not! It’s running around and looks super tasty!!!

Nubia: I am relaxing =_=

Oliver & Nubia at the window

Oliver: Fine I will lie down too in that case…

Nubia: At last you see reason!!!!

Oliver: Still hungry…

Nubia: Hush be quiet and feel the energy of the universe!

Oliver: *tummy grumbles*

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace


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