This shelter cat has been waiting 10 YEARS for a forever home


Let’s find him his person already—could it be you?

Wilbur has been at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary since December 2009, patiently waiting for a home to call his own the whole time.

Although he has a couple of medical challenges that require a little help, Wilbur makes it as easy as he can and goes with the flow, which is a good thing since he manages the PR/Marketing office at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary while he waits. This sweet guy has feline immune deficiency virus (FIV), a heart murmur, and is getting subcutaneous fluids to help his failing kidneys. He has a couple of medicines for blood pressure but in usual Wilbur style, he doesn’t fuss a bit. Wilbur really loves to be with people and can usually find a way to wiggle into any activity. His purr is a pure moment of Zen, says Barbara Williamson, Media Relations Manager at Best Friends and Team Wilbur’s chief proponent.

Wilbur would prefer to be an only pet but can tolerate a mellow female cat or a dog who knows cat rules. Do you have room in your heart to give Wilbur the home he so deserves? To enquire about adoption, email

Follow and share Wilbur through his Instagram account, @purrwilbur.

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